FAQs landscape design information


What Do You Charge For Services?

That depends on the amount of work/time involved, which depends on what you want done.  The complexity of the design and the size of lot are two factors in this determination.  A ballpark cost might be $1.00/sq. foot, but could be less depending on what you want.  I ask you to fill out the initial client information prior to giving you an exact quote for this reason. There is a $50 hourly consultation fee which is applicable to the plan cost should you decide to contract my services. 

What Do You Do Exactly?

I create a professional, "to scale" plan for you to submit to contractors for bids.  If you think about the fact that every building needs an architect as well as a contractor to build the structure, same applies to landscaping, I would be the architect in this scenario, putting your plan together for the contractor to build or install from.  I utilize a state of the art landscape software program (CAD) to design with and submit preliminary plans to you via email for you to change and/or approve prior to the final plan.  The sample plans you see on this site are all ones I have done with this software and will be using to design yours with as well.

What Is Your Background?

I am a 2010 graduate of the Landscape Architect program at Mira Costa College in Oceanside.  I've been working in this field since then doing designs for everything from small yards to those on acreage.  I've lived here in SW Riverside County for thirty years so am very familiar with the types of plants that thrive and don't do well in our area!  I am an organic gardener myself and also believe in utilizing plants that are easy to maintain and don't require a lot of fussing with.  I've done many landscapes in both Riverside County as well as San Diego County.  

What Is the Entire Process?

After you contact me and fill out the Initial Client Questions form, I then come out for a consultation.  After you decide you want to hire me, we sign a short contract, I receive one-half of the total fee at this time, I then take all the measurements necessary to do the job.  As soon as possible I start to work, will be sending you two Preliminary Plans for your approval or feedback (changes) prior to the Final Plan.  The Final Plan is done to scale and this is when final payment is due.  You will receive the finished plan via email, full sized, in jpg and pdf formats which includes all plants named and shown exactly where they go as well as any and all "hardscaping", notes to contractor, for example, how many square feet of concrete, how much fencing, types of amendmends etc. This you can submit to contractors for bids, they can print it out if they wish to. The contractor will have all my information as well, as I will be available to him if, for example, he is unable to procure a plant and requires a substitute, or for any other issues that might arise. I am always available to clients for any landscaping questions either when I'm on the job or after its finished!  

How Long Will It Take?

Time will vary as to how long this process takes, depending on how quickly you respond to my emails and how many changes are needed etc with the landscape design information.  Typically, about a month though.  Then you will need to get bids from contractors, pick one or more, and schedule the work to be done.  Starting a plan in winter might get one done by summer!  If youre going to act as contractor, and I've worked with homeowners before who do this, I can certainly help you and you can do the landscape in "phases" also.  This is a big undertaking I realize and I try to make it as easy as possible for you.  But starting your project out right with a full professional plan from a landscape designer is definitely the right start!